July 6 2021
Annnnnnnnd were back

We will be onsite for DEFCON 29 in the Paris Ballroom, Vendome B, as well as on Discord for those not able to attend in person. Kiosks will be available to tinker on and limited staff to help get you started cracking.

August 9 2020
Well, that went quick...

And just like that, it's over. Big thanks to all the speakers who took the time to join us, and the attendees for stopping by to ask questions. The Schedule page has been updated with links to each talk on Twitch and Youtube. If you missed a talk, or are just finding out about us, head over there to see what we had to offer.


DEF CON is canceled, and so are we

The good news is, we will be on the DEF CON Discord for our first year. While we won't be able to provide you with cool kiosks attached to kick ass hardware like we wanted to, we will still be around to answer questions and give some lightning talks.

On the left of this page is a navigation bar with links to things we think will help get you started. If you are completely new to password cracking, start at Cracking 101. This will walk you through all the basics of what hashes are, and how we attack them. If at any point we didn't explain it well enough, stop by the Password Village Discord Channel for more help, let us know what we can do to improve, or just hang out. Village staff will have (PWDV) in front of their name.

Infrastructure is provided by KoreLogic and Terahash, big thanks to them for helping us make this happen.